Monday, July 2, 2012

Reputation Marketing

Reputation Marketing

It’s no secret that traditional media like television, radio, and newspaper advertisements just don't work anymore.  Why? Because the entire marketplace has shifted and gone online. Here's what we know for sure, every single day people are looking for products and services online.  They go to their favorite search engine or search tool and look up what they want or need. 

After they have searched, what do they start looking at?  They look at reviews for the product or service that they wanted.  Online reviews have become the new word of mouth, the new referral. Whether positive or negative;  small and local business owners need to pay close attention to their online reputation.  Surveys are showing that most consumers read online reviews (67%) and that they are influenced by the reviews they read.   


So now you need to start paying attention to who, what and where people are reviewing your business online.  It is not enough to have high rankings and be found in the search engines anymore, you need to be found with a good reputation as well.  Even those businesses that have zero reviews online are going to start looking bad to consumers, when they start asking why no one talking about this business.

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