Thursday, August 30, 2012

Recent Changes to LinkedIn Profiles

LinkedIn has rolled out some changes to everyone's profile page.

The main changes are:

  • You now have a  larger profile picture
  • The company page icon has been removed
  • There is a new drop down for your Contact Information
  • Your last activity has moved from underneath the personal information to the Sidebar

The 1st one has little effect and depending in the size of the file you used to begin with.  I may fill the entire space or it may just stay smaller and have a larger white border.

The company icon was removed from your current work at the top of the profile but is still visible  "Experience" section.  The company name is now just a link and if you hover over it with your courser  the company box will show up.

Your Contact Information is no longer visible unless you click on the tab in the lower right hand side of your info box. You will then get a drop down pox with your Web links, Twitter name, Email, Phone or whatever information you chose to share with others.  This is not good if you want people to click on the links to visit your 3 listed web sites our to follow you on twitter as they may not even know that information is hidden in that contact info box.

The last change also sort hides you last status update that used to show up under your info box.  User will now have to scroll down to see your status updates in the sidebar on the right.

Here is a short video illustrating the changes in LinkedIn

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